Thomas Haines

Composer, sound editor and percussionist. b 1977. Raised in Cornwall. Studied classical composition at the GSMD London.

Interested in systems, although not necessarily governed by them.   

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GELATO BALLETO - live score, 2022.

Live percussion quartet score for Georgina Star’s latest live art work for a cast of 18 female performers.

Written for percussionists
Catherine Ring, Rosie Bergonzi, Louise Anne Duggan and Harriet Riley.

Premiered at The Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell Green Feb 2022
Recorded at Air Edel



QUARANTAINE - Film, Cinema, 50 mins, 5.1, 2021. 

Sound design, mix and music for this film directed by Georgina Starr. Instrumental and vocal re workings of Carl Orff’s songs for children, with new Lyrics performed and recorded on set by Loré Lixenberg. The film also features music by Pauline Oliveros and Condor Moments. Original music composed by Thomas Haines.

ANIMAL ANTICS - Film, Cinema, 50 mins, 5.1, 2021. 

Directed by Patick Goddard

Sound Design and Mix 
Thomas Haines 

produced by Leah McGirk

Hayward Gallery / FVU / Film London
Premiered at ICA, London.

THE SCAR - 2019

Multi Screen Gallery Feature / Installation 

Sound Design, Mix and Score. 

directed by Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler 

Delphina Gallery, London, and Home Gallery, Manchester. 

THE BLACK PEARL - soundtrack  

On Fairy Tales DVD - Soundtrack commissioned by BFI and Touch for this release of otherwise silent 100+ year old Pathe colour stencil films.

other contributors include Chris Watson, Fennesz, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck, BJNilsen.

DEEP STATE, film, Stereo, 50mins

Sound Design and Mix. 

A film by Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, scripted in collaboration with author China Miéville and commissioned by FVU. 


Prismatic / Rotational music made for broadcast.

In an alternate version of the suburban Essex /  London borders, redundant TV antennae are repurposed to receive ultra localised community sound art broadcasts from the local Antenna. 

AN INTERMISSION, film, 5.1, 2021

An artists’ film by Edwin Mingard, made in collaboration with a group of young people experiencing homelessness in Stoke-On-Trent. Intermission Music is the film’s soundtrack.

A limited edition red 10” vinyl is available, all proceeds go to the young folk who collaborated in making the film.   


Maud Craigie’s film examines structures of American police interrogation and their relationship to fictional screen representations of law enforcement.

Sound restoration and mix. 

RUPTURES, Film, Cinema, 5.1, 2019

Sound Design, Mix and additional score

directed by Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler. Premiered at BFI london 2019.